Outstanding Illinois Day Trips Are Everywhere You Look!

Enjoying the Land of Lincoln and all of the unforgettable Illinois day trips is guaranteed not to disappoint!

Illinois has so much rich history throughout the state to explore along with some outstanding scenery everywhere you turn. Take the time to enjoy what is available with an Illinois day trip.

Here are some of the outstanding activities the state of Illinois has to experience:

  • Take a trip to the state capital in Springfield! The history of the Springfield can be a great learning experience for you and your family. Visit the Lincoln Library and all of the great Abraham Lincoln historical sites!
  • Check out Cahokia Mounds or Dickson Mounds to explore some of the Native American history in the state of Illinois!
  • Enjoy one of the over 60 State Parks throughout Illinois.
  • Explore Metropolis, Illinois for all of the great Superman Memorable.
  • Take a trip to the city! Visit Chicago and experience all of the family fun activities without the cost of a hotel.

  • Visit Nauvoo to explore The Moorman Temple and the Moorman's way of life. This is a great way for the family to enjoy a quick history lesson along with beautiful scenery.
  • Explore the Illinois Great River Road.
  • Enjoy a trip to a local winery. This is a great way to enjoy great scenery and perhaps a picnic lunch with the family.
  • Check out the local festivals throughout the state. There are always festivals that you and your family can enjoy.
  • Explore the Abraham Lincoln Trail.
  • Enjoy the great architecture throughout the state.
  • Visit the quaint shops located in Illinois's smaller towns.
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  • Take the time to enjoy a trip to a local flea or farmer’s market.
  • Visit some of the historical landmarks located throughout Illinois.
  • Have a picnic wherever you and your family travel and enjoy what that area of Illinois has to offer.
  • Visit Grafton where the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois river meet. This is a beautiful area of Illinois to visit!
  • Take the kids to Lego Land-Discovery Center in Schaumburg for a guaranteed day of fun.
  • Explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture throughout the state.
  • Travel the Ronald Reagan Trail in the state of Illinois.
  • Experience Route 66 starting in Chicago.
Illinois is much more than Chicago and is a great place to explore!

Just take time to appreciate what is all around you and your family in the state of Illinois for outstanding Illinois day trips!

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