Travel Missouri Great River Road and see what is around every turn…

When you travel Missouri Great River Road you are bound to find an adventure!

Missouri Great River Road is a breath taking experience along with unlimited photo opportunities!

There are unlimited adventures along the 215 mile Great River Road. The River Road starts in Canton and continues to New Madrid. While traveling this great river road you are guaranteed a relaxing drive to enjoy the outstanding Missouri countryside and river views.

Here are some of the must sees as you travel the Great River Road:

Hannibal is the home of Tom Sawyer. Your adventure can start with a cave tour of Mark Twain Cave. There are museums and activities to learn more about the author Mark Twain and the characters he created!

Louisiana has some outstanding murals at their riverfront that help explain the history of their small town!

Clarksville is a wonderful town to wonder from one shop to the next to enjoy the great art and craft shops on their main street!

When you finally get to St. Louis there is no better way to enjoy the Mississippi River than by taking a tour of the St. Louis Arch!


Photo by stinkiepinkie_infinity

Imperial has Mastodon State Park Historic Site that would be a great learning adventure for the kids! A museum is located at the state park with a replica of a mastodon!

STE. Genevieve has a great spa and winery to visit. There are bed and breakfasts if this is where your stopping point is for an overnight stay.

Cape Girardeau has so much history. Some of the possible places to visit could include a civil war site, museum, and take time to explore the Great Murals Tour!

New Madrid is your stopping point and it is guaranteed to leave you satisfied at the end of the trip with a beautiful view of the Mississippi River!

While you travel through Missouri don’t forget to get out and enjoy the scenic views of the river at many of the overlooks!

What a great way to take the kids on an adventure while helping them to learn a thing or two about Missouri rich history!

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