The Wineries In The Midwest Are Some Of The Best!

Until recently wineries in the Midwest were not considered on your weekend getaway. As the popularity has grown some new outstanding wineries continue to pop up!

When considering a visit to a winery you usually think of places like California but the Midwest have some of the best!

The Midwest is full quaint beautiful towns with some of the oldest wineries around. Taking time to enjoy the history and scenery is a great the reason to enjoy some of these wineries.

Not to mention the outstanding wine!

Most wineries offer wine tastings, beautiful settings to enjoy with your family and friends along with quaint gift shops.


Photo by farlane

Often during the spring, summer and fall months you can enjoy festivals the wineries provide.

Midwest wineries are a great way to enjoy a weekend with your closest friends or a day with the kids in such a relaxing environment.

No matter what type of experience you plan to have just remember to have fun and be safe!

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