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Exploring Midwest romantic getaways may be the perfect way to plan a great trip for you and the love of your life!

Whether it's a quick weekend trip or a long romantic getaway, I know that the Midwest will not disappoint!

I love spending time with my husband but sometimes it is difficult to find something we both will enjoy.

Explore some of our favorite Midwest romantic getaways…

  • Enjoy Midwest spa vacations- Just taking time for you and your spouse to get pampered may be what the both of need.

  • Enjoying a suite at a hotel- Enjoy the time you get to spend together without the kids. Rent a suite or just a nice hotel room. Some of the accommodations you make look for may be a fireplace in the room, hot tub or a terrace looking over a beautiful view. Enjoy dinner being served in the room or a great Midwest city restaurant. Explore these exciting ideas to enjoy with a Chicago romantic getaway!

  • Finding a great winery- Enjoy going to a winery in the Midwest and enjoy the romantic setting that most wineries in the Midwest provide.

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  • Exploring a bed and breakfast- Rent a room at a bed and breakfast. The feeling of waking up in a beautiful home and having your breakfast ready for you is a feeling like no other!

Another way to plan a romantic getaway in the Midwest is to check out what each state has to offer:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Wisconsin

No matter what your romantic Midwest vacation may look like, just remember that your time with your spouse is precious and enjoy every moment!

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Romantic Getaways In The Midwest Whether it's a weekend getaway, a honeymoon or an anniversary the Midwest can inspire romance. Find out about wine tasting destinations, horseback riding, riverboat cruises, waterfalls and scenic trips. There are many intimate bed and breakfast inns as well as historic villas and cottages -- when traveling as a couple check out our selection of hotels and restaurants that are cozy and bewitching to help you make sure that your trip is enchanting and romantic.

And when you're thinking of romance don't limit yourself to the Midwest or to the US or the Americas for that matter. Think bigger! Or think small and beautiful. How about a romantic getaway to the Seychelles? Where? Yes the Seychelles...

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