Midwest Vacation Spots Are Right At Your Finger Tips!

Midwest Vacation Spots can offer you any experience in any season!

Here are just a few great ideas to explore for a vacation spots no matter what the season:

Spring is a great time to explore a state park in your area. The great thing about the Midwest is just how crisp and new the spring air feels when you are out experiencing the new blossoms of nature!

Summer can be a great time to visit a local lake to experience a wonderful vacation spot. The Midwest has so many great areas to enjoy a day of swimming and a night of relaxing at a cabin or “roughing it” with a camping experience. What a great way to experience one of the Great Lakes that the Midwest borders!

Fall in the Midwest may just be one of the best places one earth! Experiencing the awesome colors and unique areas are just some of my favorite times. The Midwest is full of quiet towns that have fall festivals everywhere you turn. Is there really a better way to spend time with your family?

Winter in the Midwest can offer so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. A lodge in a snow covered ski area could not be better! What a great day to enjoy with your family on a ski slop and at night be warm and cozy at a beautiful lodge.


Photo by mandj98

Explore these vacations spots by states:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Ohio
  • Wisconsin

One thing to consider is picking up a travel guide in the state you are considering for a great vacation spot!

The Midwest has unlimited amount of possibilities when thinking of a great vacation spots!

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